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Used 3rd Party Machines for Sale

E-mail address - ferdco@live.com


Posted 11-17-11- Lewis heat embosser. Great for stamping logos, personalization and customers names and monograms. Very good condition, will heat stamp foils to paper, ribbon or leather or emboss your custom plates. Comes with 50 plus rolls of foil, many boxes of card stock and two full sets of letter type. Extremely versatile, take to shows to stamp small runs of business cards, print award ribbons or small items of leather with initials or names. Contact Howard at 406-777-3542 or howard.knight@montana.com. $2000 and will consider part trades.


3443 Baldwin Rd.

Stevensville, Montana 59870


406-777-3543 fax




For Sale - Deep Throat Champion - Needle and Awl stitcher. Comes complete with its stand and motor. Brand new motor and large reducing pulley to sew slow. Sews very nice and is ready to go. Extra needles and Awls. A great Saddle Stitcher for $1200.00.

Call Clay Sterling at 406-490-6230.


Location Lima Montana


POSTED 10-14-11 - FERDCO 440R Complete with table stand motor and speed reducer - upgraded machine used very little - Buy now for $1000.00 - call Bob B at 509-486-4263


Location - Washington State



Posted 08-23-11 - ADLER 105-8 -Made in Germany # 6046-9  Right Hand - Arm Type Sewing Machine -Single Needle -Needle System 328 (160-280) -Straight Stitch - Forward / Reverse -Loop catcher: Barrel Shuttle -Max Stitch Length 8mm -Follow-up Pressure foot -Max Pressure Lift 14mm -Thread Stand -Bobbin Winder -Throat 12” -Stand with drawer -New Clutch Motor -½ HP – 60 cycle – 1725 rpm -Speed Reducer wheel -Knee Foot Lifter -Manual with Troubleshooting -Extra Parts -Completely checked by the Professional Advance Sewing Machine Co. in Fall River Mass. -

 Excellent condition
Aiken, SC Ph# 803-641-2068



The machine is in excellent condition

Posted 07-29-11 - Juki Pro 2000 Heavy leather and saddle stitcher for sale. Getting old and retiring. This machine is complete with table stand and EFKA electronic motor and speed reducer . Some attachments with machine. Asking $3,500. Call Judy at 425-743-6945.

Location Lynnwood WA



CALL STEVE @ 1-866-962-9880



Posted 07-05-11 - American Straight Needle for sale. Rebuilt 5 years ago with very little use since. Comes with manual and thread. Good machine I just don't have room for it. Asking $1000.00 Please call 870 297 8789 or cell 870 421 2694


Location - Calico Rock Arkansas


Posted - 06-01-11 - Ferdco Pro 440R "Baby Bull" complete with table stand motor and speedreducer. Used very little - like new - Priced at $1000.00 OBO - Call Breanne at 360.580.3859 or 360.470.9887 -

Location Elma Washington

Posted 05-12-11 - I have a Campbell/Randall heavy duty stitcher for sale. It's in excellent
working condition with table and motor. $4500.00 - Will deliver within
100 miles of Sacramento, CA. Call Ollie at 916-212-6018 or email

Elk Grove, California

Posted 04-27-11 - Landis #3 Complete on wooden stand with 110V motor - sews good - have extras - includes original bobbin winder - Priced at $3300.00 OBO - Call Allan Butler @ 805-525-5910.

Location - Santa Clara CA

Posted - 04-26-11 - For sale Ferdco Pro 2000 complete and Pro 800 complete - both machines have lots of extras. Buy both for 4200.00 OBO or the Pro 2000 for 3975.00 and 750.00 for the Pro 800 - Call Steve at 801-699-8785

Location - Salt Lake City UT

Posted 04-19-11 - For Sale - Ferdco Pro 6/6 heavy stitcher - power or hand crank - used very little. Call MARK OWEN 970-556-1615 Priced at $1995.00 OBO.

Location - Estes Park CO

Posted 04-19-11 - For Sale - Ferdco Pro 84 complete - only 1 year old. Bought with Pro 2000 to make vests but didn't get the vests going. this machine is new with less than 10 minutes of use Call Jerry at 731-285-2649 This machine is priced at $700.00.

Location - Dyersburg TN

Posted 03-28-11 - For Sale - Singer 7-33 complete with table stand motor, sew good - for more details - priced at $1500.00 - call Jay at 503-807-9242

Location - Portland Oregon

Posted 03-28-11 - For Sale - Pro 2000 Super Bull, complete w/stand and motor w/speed reducer. Instruction books, Lots of extra feet & needles. Bobbin winder works great. Wax pot too. Has less than 10 hrs. Asking $3,200. OBO Call Robert Armstrong @ 530 519-2021. SOLD 12/14/11

Location - Kimberly, Idaho

Posted 03-08-11 - For Sale - Champion 3-in-1 nice shape - cutters and rolls good blade needs sharpened. Priced to sell at $550.00. Call Susan at 706-506-1282

Location - St. Maries ID

Posted 3-07-11 -For Sale - Strap creaser - extra long and flat and curved rolls - from 3/8 inches to 2 inch crease. Call TOM ZAROSINSKI at 541-219-0614 - this is a very nice machine AT $875.00

Location LAKEVIEW OR 97630

Posted 2-22-11 - For Sale - Juki Pro 2000 complete with table, 110v clutch motor. Sews great. Purchased new in Nov. 2002. $4000.00 OBO. For more information call Craig Lancaster @ 208-720-7693,

Location - Burley Idaho

Posted 2-16-11 - For Sale - Juki Pro 2000 complete with table stand and 110v clutch motor. Has a few attachments and accessories. Sews real good. Down sizing. call Joe Reed for more details. this machine is for sale at $3800.00 OBO. freight FOB Douglas Kansas. For more information call Joe at 316-304-7577 or 316-747-3065 and leave a message.

Location - Douglas KS

Posted 10-20-10- Juki LU 405-4 self oiler flatbed sewing machine complete with table, stand, motor and Speed Reducer - great for sewing leather and canvas very clean - call Dave Mortenson at 406-849-5497 OBO

location - Big-Arm MT

Posted 8-17-10

Posted 9-10-10 - For Sale Ferdco Pro 440R complete with table stand motor and speed reducer sews great need bigger machine. This machine has the 440R attachment package with a few extra needles. Priced at $1100.00. Consew 227 no reverse complete with table stand and motor - 950.00 Call Roger at 503-829-5417 or email mustangwalker@molalla.net

Location - Molalla OR.

7-06-10 -Singer 29-4 Patch machine on treadle stand. Call Claude at 775-359-3742.

29-4 Singer Patch Machine head only 500.00 w/ table and servo 650.00

Location Fallon NV

Posted 6-6-10- Randall 8" Power Splitter - complete with table and 110v motor - Randall sells for $3200.00 rebuilt. Selling at $2100.00 - Call Steve @ Mulely Blues - 406-676-3900

Location - Ronan MT

Posted 5-11-10No. 9 Harness and Saddle Stitcher for the Professional!

Manufactured by: American Sewing Equipment Manufacturing – Harrison, ID

Designed for sewing products such as: harnesses, saddles, tents, safety belts, parachutes, industrial bags, balloons, boots, book bindings, golf bags, orthopedic appliances, suitcases, luggage, ski boots, knapsacks, holsters, sheaths, and much, much more!

Features include the following:

1. Made in the U.S.A. – Designed and built with pride in America by Americans!
2. Heavy Stitching Capability – Over an inch of foot lift. Holsters, knife sheaths, saddle skirts, heavy harnesses and more!
3. Square Feed Motion – Stitch length does not vary when material thickness changes!
4. Jump Foot System – Has a proven jump foot and needle feed system. Used in every true harness stitcher for over 100 years!
5. Tension Adjusts Automatically – Allows you to sew from the heaviest harness to as light as a business card without adjustments!
6. Highly Versatile – Sews leather, nylon, Kevlar, bio thane, vinyl, synthetics, and heavy canvas. Easily sews saddle skirts with wool skin linings. Sews with thread as light a Size 69 and as heavy as Size 450. Immediately adapts to 794/7 X 3 and 328 needle systems!
7. Hand Crank and Motor Powered – Immediately switches from motor to manual power. Easily handles repairs and difficult jobs that are next to impossible with a conventional machine!
- Extras include needles, left foot and right foot, and pyramid stand attached to rolling platform

Price $3800.00 plus shipping

Respond to lwilliams_32327@yahoo.com

For Sale 3-22-10 - 3 clutch motors used - $40.00 ea. Call Bob Buck @ 208-705-7432

Wanted 3-15-10- WTB - 20 Ton hydraulic clicker in the Spokane, WA area.

Contact John at 509-466-0208 email holsters@5shotleather.com

Posted 2-15-10 Consew, Tuffy 1/3 hp clutch motor for sale. This motor is virtually new. $50.00. Contact Charles 541-468-2170.

Location Oregon

Posted 2-8-10 Ferdco 6/6 Heavy Harness stitcher, like new condition. Complete with table, stand, motor, and speed reducer. Minimal usage, this machine and the extra attachments that come with it sells new for $5,000.00. Also included are new spools of thread, extra needles, and an extra bobbin spool. It will sew from chap leather to saddle skirting up to 3/4" thick. I have just cleaned and oiled this machine it sews fine and is ready to go. I also have the manual for it. Asking $3,000.00 negotiable. Thanks,

Tony (620)475-3605

Location Emporia, Kansas.

Posted 9-29-09 - 1- Ferdinand 988 , Walking foot table model, complete with table stand, thread, needles and extra bobbins. Priced to Sell at $750.00 Debi

home: 509 287 2254
Cell: 509 714 2576

Location - Palouse WA

Posted 9-21-09- 1 - Ferdco Skiver Complete with table stand and 110 Volt motor - like new - $990.00. OBO - Call Matt @ 707-338-3639 or fax Matt @ 707-792-2208.

Location - Petaluma CA

Posted 8-19-09 Singer 29K-62 Patch machine. Machine only - Priced to sell - Call Adolph at 704-583-1887 $600.00 OBO

Posted 7-06-09 2 used clutch sewing machine motors like new - $75.00 OBO - Call Jesse @ 305-542-0593

Location - SW Ranches FL

Posted 7-06-09 Nakijama 280LS Chap machine - Complete with table stand and 110V motor. some extras - Priced at $600.00 OBO - Call Skip @ 801-237-9163

Location - Provo Utah

Posted 5-20-09 - Ferdinand 988, Walking foot table model, complete with table stand motor and speedreducer. Sews good, Priced at $1200.00 OBO - call Everett Jones @ 775-757-2494

Location - Owhyee NV

Posted 2-10-09- KSA 12" Leather Splitter - Bought 10 years ago, in tip top shape, updated to a band knife in the shop. This machine is complete with a table stand and motor. Excellent for a smaller shop! Priced to sell @ $2500.00 OBO Call Karl Bennett @ 505-546-8304.

Location - Demming NM

Posted 10-27-08 Randall 16" Leather Splitter - Rebuilt in 1997 with new blade and power unit, 110V motor. Used very little. Have to move from Idaho to Georgia in the Spring. Asking $2200.00 OBO Call Susan @ 208-245-1346 or Cell phone 706-506-1282

Posted 9-20-08 Neels Saddlery - Heavy saddle stitcher sews 3/4" thick - Complete on a stand - extra bobbins and needles. Selling for 1250.00 bought new for $2000.00. Call Larry Rogers @ 512-556-5510.

Posted 7-29-08- NT Champion - Needle and Awl stitcher. great for a knife maker that wants to make knife cases for your custom knives. Head Only, Sews good. Have got too many machines and need to make more room. Priced @ 1300.00 OBO Call Jeff @ bluerock@thesticks.net

Location - Northern California

Posted 4-08-08 Ferdco 1245 Flat-bed Walking Foot. Just Like new with extras. Complete with table stand motor and speed reducer. Like New $1650.00. Call Tom @ 1-800-292-6442.

Posted 1-04-08 American Straight Needle Sewing Machine - extra machine sews great - Priced at $1250.00 on table and stand - Curve Needle Stitcher for resoling boots and shoes - extra machine - sews good - Priced at $1250.00 OBO. Call Terry @ 406-346-1714

Location - Forsythe MT

Posted 11-14-07 Harness making clicker dies - wear plate wear straps - 5.5 inches long and 1 & 3/4 inches wide - 1- trace carrier - 1 wear plate 5.5 long and 2.5 inches wide. 2- blinders dies. - 1 Bump Face. 1-3 strap britchen. 1 - back pad. - Call Lavern @ (509) 948-1616. His mailing address is 2839 W. Kennewick Avenue, PMB #160, Kennewick, WA 99336.

Location - Kennewick, WA

Posted 11-14-07 Ferdco Pro 6/6 Complete . Sews very good. Has table, stand, motor and speed reducer. Priced at $3250.00 . Apex flat-bed double needle complete with table stand and motor. 3/8 inch gauge. Priced at $600.00. Call Ernie @ Eide Leather @ 406-490-6191 cell . All machines OBO.

Location - Whitehall Montana

Posted 5-30-07 Randall Needle & Awl stitcher - totally reconditioned. complete with table, stand, 110V motor. - Extra feet and bobbins. Sews like a dream. Extra needles and awls. Campbell Needle & Awl Stitcher Complete with table, stand, 110V motor Extra Parts - priced at $4500.00. Randall Needle & Awl Stitcher Complete with table, stand, 110V motor Extra Parts - Priced @ $4500.00. Landis Model K Sole Stitcher . Priced At $1250.00. Champion Narrow Throat Needle & Awl Stitcher, good shape, runs great! Priced @ $1000.00. Singer 7-33 Singer Complete with table stand motor and Speed Reducer. Priced @ $2250.00. 12" Randall Splitter on Factory Stand Splits Good! $2700.00 Contact Ron White @ 951-928-9844 .

Location - Romoland Ca

Posted 5-30-07 Landis #3 Complete with table, stand 110V motor. Very good condition less than a spool of thread in 15 years. Case of Linen thread for the machine. Lots of extras with the machine. $4700.00 OBO. Lots and Lots of extra feet and other stuff. Call Gil @ 619-934-4347

Location - San Diego CA

Posted 5-30-07 Ferdco Pro 880 Great Flat-bed Walking foot machine. Complete with table, stand 110V motor and speed reducer. $1300.00 OBO. Call Kevin @ 505-384-3057 or 505-705-3057

Location - MacIntosh NM

Posted 5-30-07 ASN needle & Awl machine. Complete with table stand, with motor. Priced @ $900.00 . Pfaff 335-H2-17/01 BS Cylinder arm machine. $1000.00 - Call John @ 509-760-3677 - Will consider trade for cylinder arm Harness sewing machine.

Location - Marlin WA



In the US - Contact Ferdco Toll Free @ 1-800-645-0197

International - 1-208-689-3006

Fax - 1- 208-689-3008

email - ferdco@live.com

website - www.ferdco.com